Molded Hardboard and MDF Doors

For many projects, MDF (medium density fiber) or molded hardboard doors are an excellent choice. Lightweight and reasonably priced, these doors offer durability, style, and sustainability.

Advantages of MDF Doors

MDF door features include:

  • Good looks – When painted, MDF doors look remarkably like wood, and offer a smooth paint finish.
  • Durability – Doors crafted of MDF resist warping and cracking.
  • Environmental friendlinessTruStile’s MDF doors are certified to contain a minimum of 75 percent recycled content.
  • Affordability – MDF doors are typically less expensive than many other door options. This may allow you to splurge in other parts of your project.

At Allen Commercial, we offer TruStile MDF doors, which feature traditional stile and rail construction—a rarity for MDF doors.

TruStile offers a wide variety of door styles, layouts, finishes, and other details.

Advantages of Molded Hardboard Doors

Molded hardboard is similar to MDF, but is constructed using steam to pressure-mold the wood fibers. Molded doors offer strength and versatility.

Allen Commercial carries Masonite molded panel doors. Their features include:

  • Choice of solid or hollow core – Solid core doors have the option of Masonite’s Safe ‘N Sound® Solid Core construction for noise reduction and a heavier feel.
  • A wide variety of sizes – The doors are available in 1 3/8 or 1 ¾-inch thicknesses and 80-, 84-, and 96-inch heights.
  • Choice of smooth or textured finish – Select a primed smooth or textured wood-grain texture.
  • Available fire rating – The 1 ¾-inch thick door is available in a number of fire ratings.

Masonite’s composite hardboard panels resist cracking and warping.

The Widest Selection of MDF and Molded Hardboard Doors

Which type of composite wood door is right for your project? The dedicated team at Allen Commercial can help you decide. We can pare down the array of choices into a carefully edited selection of exceptional products that suit your plans and your clients’ wishes.

Why Choose Allen Commercial for MDF and Composite Doors?

We offer only the highest-rated, best-quality MDF and composite doors at Allen Commercial. You can rest assured that the doors you select will be the very best for your project.

Our team is committed to service and quality, and you can rely on us for in-depth knowledge of our entire range of doors and other products. We can answer your questions confidently and provide you with assurance that you’re purchasing the very best products for your needs.

Superior Composite and MDF Doors

Put the best into what you build with Allen Commercial’s selection of MDF and composite doors. We work with the finest suppliers—because we know your reputation depends on ours. Let the experts at Allen Commercial provide you with the best door products for your project in the Bossier City, LA area.

Contact us today to get the finest and most reliable MDF and molded hardboard door products.

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