Our History

Allen Commercial dates back to 1860 when Philip Alden founded a sawmill by a bayou in Northwest Louisiana to serve a Civil War demand for lumber. Since a bridge had to be built to serve the sawmill, the mill became known as Alden’s Bridge Mill.

In 1883, two partners bought the mill and formed the Whited-Wheless Lumber Co. We use the 1883 date as the founding date of Allen Commercial as that was when present ownership was established. As the company expanded, a mill town known as Alden Bridge formed around the sawmill. At the turn of the century the timber supply around the mill was exhausted and the mill was closed.

The Whited-Wheless Lumber Co. moved to the Shreveport area and merged with the Allen-Currey Co. They formed Allen Manufacturing to manufacture doors and window sashes utilizing the local timber supply.

In 2015, Allen Commercial Door was purchased by Cassity Jones Inc., a Longview, Texas based lumber and building material company since 1950. Locations include Longview, Tyler, Terrell, Carthage, Henderson, and Marshall.

Our Business Today

Allen Commercial serves the needs of retail builder and general contractors in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana and the surrounding area with a well-trained staff and a full fleet of delivery equipment.