COVID-19 UPDATE—8-1-20

The health of our employees, customers, and communities continues to be our top priority. We are committed to doing what we can to protect against the spread of this virus while continuing to provide the best possible service to our customers.

We are designated as an essential business and we are operating under our regular business hours. However, we are mandated to comply with the COVID restrictions imposed in Louisiana, which require face masks inside of our buildings, maintaining at least 6’ distancing when possible, and limiting personal contact. For additional protection for our customers and employees, we continue to: encourage conducting business remotely when feasible, provide ample hand sanitizer throughout all of our locations, promote increased personal hygiene and awareness, regularly clean and disinfect our locations, and monitor the health of our employees.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience with these COVID modifications, and we especially thank you for being a customer of Allen Commercial.