Why American Bathroom Stalls Are Not Floor Length

Why American Bathroom Stalls Are Not Floor Length?

Public bathrooms can be a real convenience. They provide a place to check your hair or wash your hands when you are out and about. But a common query that Americans and foreigners alike have when it comes to many public restrooms in the US comes down to partition length. Why are American bathroom partitions so short? Allow Allen Commercial Door to shed some light on this subject for you.

To Comply with the ADA

One of the better reasons for short stalls is to comply with the ADA’s recommendations for those in wheelchairs. The gap allows for better maneuverability for wheelchair users.

To Allow Emergency Access

Another reason that this partition gap is present is to allow access to the stall should an emergency occur. Such as an individual losing consciousness. In an event like this, the issue can be identified quicker, and the person can be reached easier. It also prevents situations like children locking themselves inside the partition.

To Keep Traffic Flowing

A gap also allows for bathroom lines to keep flowing because users can more readily see which stalls are occupied and which ones are not.

To Discourage Unwanted Behavior

Public bathrooms are often the victims of activities like vandalism. The gap for bathroom stalls works to discourage such behavior by removing the sense of anonymity that most vandals feel.

To Save Money

And of course, the less material needed, the less you need to pay for. Also, since you do not have to purchase partitions based on floor to ceiling measurements, you can purchase stock items that are not going to run you as much money as custom stalls would.

To Spare a Square

It is bound to happen sometime. You are finishing up what you were doing only to realize that the stall you are in is out of toilet paper. But that little gap can save the day since it allows for a few squares to be passed to those in need.

Really at the end of the day, the gap between bathroom stalls is there for many reasons and none of them are meant to cause you discomfort. If you need partitions and other public restroom accessories, give Allen Commercial Door & Specialty Hardware a call. We only supply the highest quality items for the convenience of our clientele.

By Allen Commercial Door & Specialty Hardware 1-11-2021