The Importance of Weatherstrips for Doors

The Importance of Weatherstrips for Doors

Your home’s door serves many purposes. One of the most obvious being a protective barrier for you from the outside elements. As doors in your home age, they develop openings and cracks that allow air, pests, and other factors to enter and interrupt your comfort. Weatherstripping is one of the most efficient ways of sealing openings found around your windows and doors. Here are a few of the specific ways weather-strips help, and why they are so important.


Weatherstripping can help insulate your doors and prevent temperature fluctuations from influencing your home’s comfort levels. Since a properly sealed door controls the indoor temperature and conditions regardless of the current season or outside weather, it reduces your energy bills. Additionally, weather stripping enhances the efficiency of your cooling and heating systems. Businesses and homeowners can reduce their energy costs by seeking providers like Allen Commercial Door to purchase and install effective weather strips for you.

Prevent Entry of Pests and Debris

Weather-stripping doors in your home or business can offer an effective barrier between insects and pests and the inside of your building. Most pests, such as ants and rodents, look for minor inconsistencies and gaps around your door in order to weasel in. Weatherstripping blocks those weak points, preventing the entry of vermin and outside debris into your building that might damage or destroy relevant documents and belongings.

Protect Your Valuables from the Elements

A high-quality weather sealing, such as those installed by Allen Commercial Doors, will help protect your home or business and any valuables within the structure from the natural elements like snow and rain. Rubber weather strips are effective in blocking water from breaching and making its way inside. Therefore, homeowners and businesses located in areas that receive heavy downpour of snow or rain should especially consider weatherstripping their doors.

Properly weatherstripping doors that are situated in flood-prone areas is even more critical. Flood water is known to destroy belongings, structures, and spread illnesses such as cholera and bilharzia. Therefore, weather-sealed doors effectively keep flood water out of your business building or house, thereby protecting you from incurring tremendous losses.

Decrease Door Damage

Most people handle doors roughly, causing it to develop scrapes and cracks, usually on the door edges. Weatherstripping decreases the rate of damage your door undergoes by acting as its cushion from sudden impacts and scrapping. Additionally, weather stripping prolongs your door's life by ensuring it stays in excellent condition for years to come.

By Allen Commercial Door & Specialty Hardware 8-13-2020