Increase Your Front Door Security

Increase Your Front Door Security

Whether you own a home or business, surely you want that space to feel as secure as possible. The first step in accomplishing this starts with your front door. At Allen Commercial Door, we specialize in carrying and installing some of the highest quality doors and hardware, so we know what you should be looking for when seeking to beef up security. Here are some simple things you can implement that will offer you a bit more peace of mind in the long run.

Reinforce Door Locks

Your existing deadbolt and lock system should have several failsafe’s in place to prevent burglars or nefarious individuals from making their way in. For example, a properly secured strike plate will make kicking your door in difficult, while the cylinder guard around the lock will inhibit any efforts to pry the door open. Make sure that the screws to your strike plate are long enough to reach the studs of your door frame and that your cylinder guard is screwed in tightly so that you can sleep sound at night.

Utilize Outdoor Lighting

As you are locking up for the night, do not forget to turn on your porch light. While this will not deter all unwanted guests, the odds of an intruder risking being spotted in a well-lit area are small. If you want to increase your outdoor lighting even further, consider installing a few simple solar powered garden lights along the front of your building.

Install a Deadbolt

A deadbolt is a simple system that can add a great deal of extra security. Because these are locks that are only operated from the inside, an unwanted guest will not easily be able to dismantle it.

Choose a Solid Door

Hollow doors are much easier to kick in than those with a solid core. If you knock on your door and realize that it is hollow, upgrading will save you a lot of worry. Opt for doors with solid fiberglass, metal, or wood cores.

If you would like more advice on how to choose a tough door and lock system, give Allen Commercial Door a call today! We would love to discuss your options with you and guide you towards the best security combination for you.

By Allen Commercial Door & Specialty Hardware 6-4-2020