How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Energy-Efficient Windows

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Energy-Efficient Windows?

Few additions benefit a home more than energy-efficient windows. These items can be installed as part of a general home upgrade effort or as a stand-alone project.

Several positive outcomes are often attributed to these products, including protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays, maintaining a solid buffer preventing interior air from entering and exterior air from existing, and, above all, saving you serious heating and cooling costs.

That said, like any important home components, you can extend an energy-efficient window's lifespan by engaging in the following actions:

Routine Cleansing

You would be hard pressed to find a more visually appealing sight than freshly cleaned windows. The trouble is windows tend to accumulate dirt fast.

These features of the home are exposed to external and internal concentrations of air. Contained in this natural resource are potentially detrimental substances, such as pet dander and hair, dirt, dust, and a host of other irritating particles.

Therefore, windows must be cleaned on a regular basis. Fortunately, such efforts can be performed using simple items like a cloth and water. Damp cloths are typically all you need to wipe windows down and eliminate the offending particles. Once gunk is removed, you can restore a window's shine by applying a glass-brightening agent.

Follow Routine Maintenance Schedules

At least once per year, either you or a window-maintenance company's representatives are strongly encouraged to conduct maintenance checks.

This task requires windows be opened and thoroughly inspected. If your windows are of the wooden variety, look out for signs of cracking or rotting. Cracking or warping could also potentially indicate problems with vinyl structures. Detecting maladies early enables you to fix said issues without having to endure the expense or inconvenience of undergoing full window replacements.

Undertake Common Repairs

Window Balances—These features are amongst the most crucial and overlooked window features. Said components keep the structure's sash and jamb from forming improper balances. Such events could interfere with your ability to open or close the window.

Moreover, said circumstances allow exterior air to enter your home. This often precipitates internal air fluctuations that necessitate a greater reliance on cooling and heating systems. The end result often equates to exorbitant utility bills. Ergo, when balance inequities arise, they should be promptly addressed.

Weather-stripping—This material is located along a window's exterior and near the sash and jamb. Weather-stripping protects the feature's components from temperature extremes, wind, and moisture. Any of these phenomena can cause rapid and serious deterioration to surrounding structures.

Significant weather-stripping damage will ultimately impact the window's capacity to be sealed shut. Said events could enable external air and precipitation to enter your home. Damaged weather-stripping usually appears cracked or worn and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Seals—Window seals are the material that encases the structure where the walls begin. Deterioration or gaps in this material could diminish a window's energy efficiency. Remediating broken or aged sealing will immediately restore energy efficiency and prevent further destruction caused by penetrating moisture. Excessively warm or cold air will remain outdoors and pesky and potentially serious water leaks can be prevented.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining energy-efficient windows is one of the wisest endeavors you can partake in as a homeowner. That said, they are not typically inexpensive. Their intended value increases their cost, which makes them a bit pricey to install.

Therefore, maintenance is critical to avoiding the need for costly replacements. Ignorance can and often does prove to be a costly but avoidable mistake. Engaging in the upkeep techniques mentioned in this article increases the probability that said features will remain intact and functioning optimally for extended periods.

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By Allen Commercial Door 4-8-2021