Creating a Safe Bathroom for Seniors

Creating a Safe Bathroom for Seniors

We treasure our older ones. The reality revolving our seniors, however, is that we worry about them. Even simple everyday activities can turn deadly in an instant for older ones. The bathroom is a place where a minor injury from a fall anywhere else can wield critical injuries instead. Because we want to keep these dear ones safe, Allen Commercial Doors wants to highlight a few ways you can upgrade a bathroom in order to do so.

Add Grab Bars

Many older ones struggle with proper balance. Add slippery floors and a step when exiting the shower to the mix and you have a recipe for falling. A simple and cheap solution is to install grab bars. Make them easy to access and a contrasting color so your senior can easily find the bar. Although there are grab bars you can purchase that suction to the shower walls, bolted types are far more reliable, and these are what we recommend.

Invest in a Shower Chair

As we have already mentioned, balance issues plague many seniors. Provide your older one with more freedom by investing in a good shower chair for them. Make sure the chair has rubber feet so that it will not slide on its own. This way, even if they tend to lose their balance or simply cannot stand for long periods of time, they can still shower on their own.

Place Non-Slip Mats

Another way you can help protect your loved one is by placing a few non slip mats around the bathroom. Right outside the shower, in front of the toilet, and by the sink are all great places for mats.

Install a Raised Toilet Seat

Many seniors find it difficult to lower themselves onto a toilet seat. As you may have guessed, a raised toilet seat assists them by adding 3 to 4 inches in seat height, making it easier for them to access on their own. Many of these special seats come with assist bars on the sides but adding a few grab bars on the walls by the toilet will especially decrease their risk of falling.

Install a Walk in Tub

If your budget allows, a walk-in tub is a wonderful investment. Since stepping over a tub places many seniors right in danger of losing their balance and falling, a walk-in tub will protect them by eliminating that danger. These tubs are designed so that an individual can open a door to step in the tub and they also come equipped with seating areas.

A fall for our dear seniors could result in life changing injuries. With these safety solutions in mind, however, you can be more equipped when it comes to keeping an older one safe and healthy. At Allen Commercial Door, we offer restroom accessories like grab bars. If you are curious about if we do or do not carry what you need, just give us a call! We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

By Allen Commercial Door & Specialty Hardware 4-15-2020