Uses for Accordion Doors

Uses for Accordion Doors

Accordion doors have come a long way since the original, one-dimensional design of the early days. Now, you can find modern styles that fit into any high-end environment. Homeowners and businesses alike are discovering innovative ways to use accordion doors. Its uses are practically endless.

Divides Meeting Rooms, Offices and Workspaces

One of the most popular ways to use accordion doors in commercial spaces is to divide large areas. Custom sound-proof accordion doors provide privacy as well.

Businesses can also easily separate work areas. Accordion doors provide an easy option for creating an office within an office without building an entirely new addition.

Divides Living Spaces

Accordion doors add flexibility to living spaces. Store them away to take advantage of an open concept and expand a large room. Bring them back out when you want to divide the space again.

Takes Up Less Closet Space

Traditional swinging doors swing outward and use excess floor area. But folding accordion doors use less space to operate. With them, customers have access to all their square footage at any time.

Offers a Cover for Clutter

Accordion doors are excellent for hiding pantry items on shelves and separating utility room areas, and bathrooms. Unsightly areas become beautiful behind a stylish accordion door.

Outdoor and Indoor Space Dividers

This upscale idea brings the visual beauty of nature right inside your home or commercial space. Use the accordion door to separate the indoors from the outside. Homeowners enjoy using them most often when seasons change such as from spring to summer and from summer to fall.

Security Doors for Commercial Buildings​

Restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls, and airports use customized security accordion doors. The classy look they add to a business's environment appeals to many types of customers.

Easy to Purchase on Credit

Builders allow your customers to experience the flexibility of accordion doors. We are Allen Commercial Door, and we invite you to fill out a credit application at your convenience.

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By Allen Commercial Door & Specialty Hardware 10-8-2020